Cobra Legions ~ Army Building Phase Eighteen – Iron Grenadiers

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Cobra Legions ~ Army Building Phase Eighteen – Iron Grenadiers

Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian Deluxe Telemarine Castle Playset (used as Gi Joe Castle Destro)

Box is huge! Dimensions are 24″x16″x6″

The castle is from Play Along, a division of Jakks Pacific Toys. I saw a review over on Youtube for the castle and the reviewer repurposed it as a castle for Destro and his Iron Grenadier forces. Pretty cool idea. I think it’s about $39 on Amazon right now. I really recommend getting this if you’re into playsets for G.i. Joe figures.

Actual Castle dimensions are 21.5″x21.5″x6″

Accessories include a shield, sword, crossbow and throne.

Play features:

Hidden crossbow panel.

Crossbow can also be mounted on several posts of the castle, it’s a shame though only one crossbow is included.

Castle balcony

Castle tower and throne room attaches via pegs. It can be removed from the slots for storage by pushing the pegs upwards (don’t pull on the tower, the pegs might snap at the neck).

Throne room (Seems kind out lonely, no? More like a keep than a grand throne room of sorts).

Destro can be seated here, but his sword and belt need to be removed first.

Accessory storage locker.

Castle tower symbol can be changed to whichever faction is occupying the castle (the throne needs to be removed first)

Snake Eyes here will help with parts of the review. Hehe.

Telmarine Castle has a few electronic gimmicks (castle requires 3 Ag13 button battries, batteries are included), features include light up torches, opening and closing drawbridge sounds (requires pushing of a button to activate) and sword-dueling sounds when you play with the dial for the dueling disc platforms. The on and off switch for the electronics is located underneath the castle.

In case anyone tries to escape, there’s a secondary gate inside the castle (no electronics here though).

Of course, what’s a castle without the cliche trap doors eh?

Snake Eyes: “!!!!”


A second trap door is located on the walk way.

Last but not least, if all else fails, then there’s the quick escape elevator.

Overall, I love this set!! It’s a shame it never came out locally. This is an awesome set particularly if you’re thinking of a hangout for Destro’s IG forces and I doubt Hasbro will ever release an actual HQ playset for the Iron Grenadiers at this point. Best of all, if you have someone in the US the sale price on Amazon sweetens the deal.


Castle Destro


I really, really wanted to break out all the Iron Grenadiers that I have and pepper the castle with them for these shots but that would take half a day and sadly, I didn’t have the time. Sigh.


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