Macross Delta DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried (Macross Delta Movie: Passionate Walkure version)

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Macross Delta DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried (Macross Delta Movie: Passionate Walkure version)

Hands and Assault knives and pilot figures are stored under this box cover.

A sheet of plastic cling is used here, to protect the paint from being scratched during transport presumably. Nice touch, Bandai.

The VF-31 actually has 5 variations, each of which has unique functions as part of the Delta Flight/Delta Squadron.
• VF-31C: Tactical Support variant.
• VF-31E: Early warning and electronic warfare variant.
• VF-31F: Air Superiority variant.
• VF-31J: Air Support variant. Dual camera eye.
• VF-31S: Commander variant. Enhanced communication control system.

Taken from here:

Valkyrie Fighter mode

Originally piloted by Lt. Messer Ihlefled, the unit was then passed onto Hayate Immelman. In the TV series, Hayate returned to piloting the VF-31J Kai in the final battle, but in the Macross Delta Movie: Passionate Walkure, Hayate still used the VF-31F as his mech in the final battle.

The Grim Reaper, Lt. Messer Ihlefeld’s call sign, is painted very visibly on the back of the unit.

Opening canopy

The set comes with both Hayate and Lt. Messer figures for the c0ckpit

The back section of the c0ckpit can be removed to reveal an auxiliary seat for a second passenger.

Care must be taken when opening the canopy, lift first to expose the hinge then open.

Due to the “smoked” finish of the canopy, you can really hardly make out there’s a figure in there. So if you’re not too particular, you can just opt not to put in any pilot figures in there. It doesn’t really stand out so much.

MDP-001W Cygnus Multi-drone plates (non-removable). As seen in the Anime, the drone plates are equipped with entertainment components and serve as mobile, illuminated stages which project holograms during the Walkure Crew’s performances, while also functioning as defensive protective units and amplifying Fold waves of Walkure songs.

Removable engine intake covers.

Display base (Fighter configuration)

Gerwalk mode

The Gerwalk mode design for the VF-31 features a turret placement using the Gun pod on it’s dorsal side. Pretty cool.

Additionally, the Remington LM-25s 25mm mini gunpod rail guns and AK/VF-M11 Assault knives on the forearms of the Valkyrie can also be deployed for use in Gerwalk mode.

Display base (Gerwalk configuration)

Battroid mode

Piloted by the second-in-command of the Delta Flight, Lt. Messer Ihlefeld, the VF-31F functions as one of the private contractor team’s primary assault unit in skirmishes.

I really like the design on the VF-31 Battroids, the c0ckpit remains on the horizontal position unlike previous Valkyries where the position of the c0ckpit shifts to vertical when in Battroid mode.

Beam Machine Guns on the head unit

The Howard LU-18A beam gun pod can be stored on a turret system on the unit’s back.

The AK/VF-M11 assault knife can be folded up and sheathed into the forearm panels.

Remington LM-25s 25mm mini gunpod rail guns can be flipped out of the forearms.

Display base (Battroid configuration)

Some notes and thoughts about the Chogokin VF-31F

-The toy weighs 419 Grams and stands roughly 10.5 inches. In Valkyrie mode, spans roughly 12.5 inches x 9 inches in dimension.

-When mounted on the display base, the figure’s height goes roughly 12.5 inches tall.

-Diecast parts include:
–Some of the internal parts
–Primary joints
–Most of the hinges used in transformation

-The toy is meant to be based on the VF-31F’s appearance in the Macross Delta Movie: Passionate Walkure. As such, it comes with additional clips meant to hold the Draken III’s Lilldraken units, however the Lilldrakens were sold separately.

-Amazing engineering! I am really impressed with this release. I love it more than the older Chogokin Macross Frontier designs.

-Solid production too, beautiful paint applications and no quality control problems that I can spot. I was totally blown away with the quality of the finish on this thing.

-Only real downside is the high price of the figure, plus the non-inclusion of the Lilldraken ships (sold separately as a Webshop Exclusive item).

Big thanks to my good buddy Nick for selling me his sealed copy a while back! Thanks, amigo! 🙂


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