Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from NECA

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from NECA

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The packaging is very cool, I like how they added the panel with the Ninja weapons on the side.

There was a second production run of these figures, but in cylindrical packaging, which was later heavily bootlegged. Which makes the carded versions even more important since it is the easiest way to tell if it’s a bootleg or not.

Each Turtle comes with a different head. The rest of the bodies are the same except for Leo’s Katana blade sheathes and Raph’s hands.

Leonardo -fearless team leader.

Primary weapons – Katana Blades.

I’m impressed he can do this pose.

More poses.

Raphael – team hot head and second eldest.

Raph’s sais can be stored in the space between his belt and his hips.

His sais can also be held just like in the comics thanks to the wide spaces between his fingers.

Raph comes with small blades as well.

Every TMNT also has extra hands that have wall-climbing spikes on them.

True to sibling form, being both the eldest, Raph and Leo often disagree and fight a lot.

Donatello – the big brains of the group.

Don comes with a canister of TCRI mutagen.

Action poses.

Michaelangelo– the youngest and most spirited of the group.

Just like Raph, Mikey’s nunchuks can be store in the space between his belt and his hips.

Mikey also comes with throwing shurikens.

Action poses.

NECA included a “build-a-diorama” street corner for the Turtles. Raph and Leo have the same street parts, only differentiated by the addition of a Street light and a fire hydrant. Strange choice though, I always imagined them to be partrol on rooftops, not on street corners.

There are 4 baby turtles included, they’re all identical.

Hehe, not only NECA made the Turtles extra posey, they also made them comic accurate. look at the tails(yes, that is a tail).

Last but not least, I threw in the old Spiderman street alley playset. It works great with the TMNT figures!



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