Acrylic effects for Soul of Chogokin Voltes V

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Acrylic effects for Soul of Chogokin Voltes V

A while back, I got the “V” sign for Soul of Chogokin Voltes Five from Gokin Gear. Well, Toynerd Collectibles recently went and did one better. They remade the V sign, made it thicker and made a proper support base for it. Aside from that, they also made an energy effect prop for Voltes. Pretty cool.

You have to manually peel off the paper sheets from the acrylic first. Not all that hard to do.

The “V”

Support base.


Alternately, you can also hook the edges of the “V” on Voltes’ thumbs, similar to the Gokin Gear version.

I think it looks better than the Gokin Gear “V”. For one, the Gokin Gear was red. Yellow should be the more appropriate color for this thing IMHO.

The second acrylic effect available from Toynerd is this little prop. It emulates the “breakout” from the “Volt In” sequence.

Voltes V!!!!!!

Pretty nifty add ons. Each piece costs about $10 US. The overall effect really makes Voltes stand out on any display shelf.


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