Action Toys Mini Deformed 04 Daltanious

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Action Toys Mini Deformed 04 Daltanious

Dal Fighter

Piloted by the main hero, Kento Tate, prince of the planet Helios.

Mirai Man Atlaus

Kento combines the Dal Fighter into the head of Atlaus to control the fighting machine.

Too bad the figure does not sport any knee joints.

Also, Atlaus does not come with any weapons or accessories.

Cyborg Lion Beralios

The mecha lion of the team. It’s not quite sentient but it does what it can to protect Kento.

Mirai Machine Gunper

Piloted by Kento’s friend, Danji Hiiragi

Cross In!

Yikes… lots of kibble removal.


The fourth series supposedly directed by Voltes V and Daimos director Tadao Nagahama (I’m not 100% sure how involved he was, since I recall he only did character designs and art on this one, and wasn’t as deeply involved like previous projects, but I could be wrong). Daltanious’ main plot takes several cues from Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers (the name D’artagnan and the trio of heroes) and The Man in the Iron Mask (swapped identities of monarchs).

Beralios’ jaw can be opened.

Kaen Ken!

Notes about the figure:

-Figure weighs 85 grams and stands roughly 5.5 inches tall.

-Admittedly, in the photos I mistakenly forgot to reposition the ankle guards of the figure properly (they should be vertical, not horizontal post transformation), oh well. I’ll do better next time.

With his “brothers” from Tadao Nagahama.

Overall, a pretty good. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this figure since the previous 3 releases under this line had fairly simple transformations. There’s a lot of parts removal and swapping involved here, but I don’t think these qualify as deal breakers. A decent release, all things considered, and a must have if you’re a fan of the classic series and of Tadao Nagahama’s works.


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