Dairugger XV (Vehicle Voltron ) DVD Vol 1-3

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Dairugger XV (Vehicle Voltron ) DVD Vol 1-3

I am so happy this set came in, I can now watch the original Vehicle Voltron (Dairugger XV) in its original, uncut glory. Lots and lots of characters died in the original version and the story was much more dramatic compared to the butchered US version (or so I’m told).

Supposedly, MediaWorks was about to lose the rights to produce the DVDs, so the third and final set is very, very rare. (Sheesh, one crazy auction on Ebay has it for $695???!!) The first 2 volumes can still be easily ordered on Amazon.

The trays for the first 2 DVD boxsets are really super flimsy, the center clips broke off. They changed the case for the third one. All 3 sets do not come with any paper inserts.

Inner trays for Vol. 1-2

Inner tray for Vol.3


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