DC Universe Classics Series 16 Bane Wave

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DC Universe Classics Series 16 Bane Wave

Jonah Hex

The Creeper

The Riddler

Classic Batman villains


The sculpt is spot on! Way to go Four Horsemen! 🙂

The Classic Dynamic Duo!

Variant classic Robin

Metal Man Mercury

Scissors accessory

With the other Metal Men. It’s too bad, unlike Gold and Iron, Mercury has no metal parts and is 100% plastic.

Azrael Batman

With the DCSH Azrael.


(L-R) DCUC wave 16, DCSH, DC Direct

The Breaking of the Bat

”I am Bane. This city is mine!”

”Batman is no more. I have destroyed him. I rule these streets! I rule Gotham. Here is your hero. Your protector. Take him and bury him.”

DCUC wave 16 Group Shots


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