Dragonball Z Kai Candy Toy Dragon Radar and Scouter

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Dragonball Z Kai Candy Toy Dragon Radar and Scouter

I noticed these on the Gasha sections of TRU, seemed decent enough for 500 PhP each.

There are five toys for this wave
-Disc firing Goku Kamehameha
-Freeza Scouter
-Captain Ginyu Scouter
-Dragon Radar
-Trunks’ sword

Each toy comes with candy.

Remove this clip to make the radar playable.

Pushing the button makes 3 bulbs glow, North, East West (no South?). Batteries are included and cannot be removed.

Twisting the button will reveal the watch mode for the toy, it’s a bit hard to see the time though.

Freeza Scouter.

I opted to get this over the Captain Ginyu version since it matches the one Vegeta wore back at the Start of DBZ.

The headset is a bit small for my head, would probably fit better on a child below 10 years old. The Scouter emits the traditional “reading beep” as seen in the DBZ Anime. Pretty cool. You can use the red lens/visor to decode the included cards ala Transformers G1 tech specs decoders. Batteries included and are removable.


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