Fansproject M3 (Menasor)

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Fansproject Stunticons!

M3 (Aka Menasor!)

Unfortunately, the left arm’s “bulk” is comprised of the rifle block, so if you form the rifle, the left arm’s kinda… naked…


M3 stands a little over 12 inches tall

Comparison with the Maketoy Giant (I didn’t bother forming the Fansproject Bruticus, he’s just too small compared to these guys, about a whole head shorter)

M3- 669 Grams

Giant- 736 Grams

Overall, not too shabby, but I think I prefer Maketoys way of doing things, as is, the Stunticons are somewhat hard to transform, there are so many pegs that need to form up in vehicle mode it’s ridiculous (if you look closely at my pics you will see some of them not properly “buttoned up” in vehicle mode). I also think Diesel was way over complexed. It should have been a bit simplified, I really struggled with transforming his legs for some reason, maybe its just me.


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