Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz)

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Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz)
-Ultimate Mr. Fantastic
-Transforming Johnny Storm (Ultimate Human Torch)
-Ultimate Invisible Woman
-Thunder Launch Thing
-Kang the Conqueror
-Human Torch with Impy, the Impossible Man
-Super Skrull

Packaging(please click on thumbnails for larger images)

“Thunder launch” Thing and Dragon man

Back of the cards of wave 1 and 2

Reed and Sue

Super Skrull and Kang the Conqueror

The Human Torch and Transforming Johnny Storm

The (Ultimate universe) Fantastic Four

Comparison with the Reed and Sue from the Heroes Return Boxset

Reed Richards, the figure looks a bit too old, the Ultimate universe Reed is barely out of his teens. Comes with “cosmic blasters” and removable vest.

Susan Storm(in the Ultimate universe Reed and Sue are just dating and haven’t married yet)

comes with an “invisible shield” and ‘”force blast”, not a very good figure since the legs give it a hard time standing up.

Transforming Johnny Storm

With the Human Torch from Wave 1

Comes with snap on “Flame on” head and swappable arms

The Human Torch and the Impossible man

Torchy can fire fire bolts and his right arm can hurl fireballs(provided you can get the ball to hold on to the hand long enough, not really that good a gimmick). The figure lacks elbow articulation.

Impy the Impossible Man, an alien shape shifter who pesters the FF from time to time.

Ben Grimm, the ever lovin’ blue-eyed Thing

Back(button for triggering “tossing” action)

Comparison with the original Marvel Legends Thing figure. Despite the action feature, this is my favorite figure of the Thing across all 6″ lines.

Thing and Face off Hulk(according to the Marvel Encyclopedia Hulk stands at 7 Feet while Thing is only 6 Feet tall)

The Thing VS. The Hulk. As far as I can recall, the Thing has never won in a fight against the Hulk, the best he has managed so far is a draw (only once). The rest of the time the Hulk usually won(I think)

Kang the Conqueror: A distant relative of Reed Richards from the future who travels back in time to conquer different eras. Recently he was seemingly killed by the Young Avenger, Iron Lad, who was an alternate younger version of himself(also from the future) who didn’t want to grow up to become his evil “Kang” persona.



His mouth can open and close

With the Thing

With the (Face off) Hulk

The Super Skrull, comes with swappable arms

scale comparison

A one man Fantastic Four.

“Heroes Reborn” Fantastic Four boxset


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