G.i. Joe 1980s Skystriker

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G.i. Joe 1980s Skystriker

Reproduction stickers from cobrastickers.com ,the color may not be spot on (darker blue) but it makes the jet look better IMHO as compared to the default stickers.

Originally the Skystriker was a little yellowish, after dunking it in Hydrogen Peroxide and under direct sunlight for 48 hours, it whitened it up.

Skystriker commercial from the Gi Joe complete series boxset.

Landing gear release slide lever

Armaments (Phoenix missiles, Sparrow missiles, and Sidewinder missiles)


With his 25th Anniv counterpart

Chairs with opening parachutes

Hmm… so the Joes buy their parachutes from Hong Kong, eh..?

The Skystriker spans about 22 Inches in length


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