G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Hall of Heroes

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G.i. Joe 25th Anniversary Hall of Heroes

-Gi Joe Hall of Heroes Storm Shadow
-Gi Joe Hall of Heroes Battle Damaged BAT
-Gi Joe Hall of Heroes Beach Head
-Gi Joe Hall of Heroes Firefly

Admittedly, I didn’t get all of the Hall of Heroes figures, only the ones that look like improvements over the older versions and are more cartoon-accurate

Hall of Heroes Storm Shadow

Comparison with the original Storm Shadow from the 25th Anniversary boxset.

Hall of Heroes battle-damaged B.A.T.s

Damaged head

The HoH BATS sport a cleaner look compared to the first release.

Backpack contains mutant plant spores, this was from a scene in the Marvel GiJoe Comics.

Hall of Heroes Beach Head

Essentially a repaint of the 2pack Beach Head with a properly painted vest and a darker shade of green. The muddy boots were a bit disappointing though. I sort of got this on a whim, the unpainted vest from the 2pack was bugging me everytime I looked at it.

G.i. Joe Hall of Heroes Firefly.

Very impressive figure, comes with a lot of gear, including 2 backpacks.

Backpack 1 comes with removable flashlight, gas tank, pliers and explosives.

Backpack 2 comes with removable panel.

Guns, phone and goggles.


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