G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 1

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G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 1

-Hazard Vipers
-Cobra Vipers (red gauntlets)
-Cobra Trooper
-Steel Brigade (30th Anniversary)

G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary ~ Hazard Vipers

Since these are basically modern day Toxo-Vipers, I decided to grab them to square off against Airtight.

Supposedly, the rifles shoot toxic sludge… eww..

Transport cases with Compound Z

G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary~ Cobra Vipers (red gauntlets)

After much deliberation, I finally gave in and grabbed the latest version of the Cobra Vipers. Since it always was my favorite amongst the many types of Cobra troopers, and the red gauntlets do make it the best, accurate Cobra Viper to date.

As an added bonus, that’s a LOT of guns!!!!!

V.P.R. standard issue pulse rifle

Rocket Launcher

And more guns!!

Cobra Troopers

My only complaint is that their eyeballs look left, just like in the card.

I recall the Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Troopers having two pistols and the barbed wire accessory, I was surprised the 30th Anniv. versions lacking these. Turns out there was a running change made, as two of my 10 30th Anniv. figures had the missing accessories. Too bad, it would’ve been nice if all of them had the missing gear. Ah, well…

G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary ~ Steel Brigade

The 30th Anniversary Steel Brigade sports a different body type, using the 30th Anniv Cobra Trooper legs and Snake Eyes arms (?).

Paint is also missing from the accessories.


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