G.i. Joe DVD Battle Packs ~ Pyramid of Darkness

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G.i. Joe DVD Battle Packs ~ Pyramid of Darkness
-Hooded Cobra Commander
-Major Bludd
-Quick Kick
-Snake Eyes

Cube for the Pyramid of Darkness

Quick Kick

LOL. In the Pyramid of Darkness story arc, we get introduced to Quick Kick, a Hollywood stuntman who helped save Alpine and Bazooka. He pretty much beat the pants off Storm Shadow. Makes me wonder just how much of an expert is Storm Shadow, really?

Toon-accurate hooded Cobra Commander.

More than just a simple repaint, thankfully.

Toon-accurate Major Bludd

New torso, unfortunately, the paint detail for his face is lacking (check out the missing right pupil)

I think the DVD pack “Pyramid of Darkness” SE is better.

Swords (the top one is from the DVD pack).


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