G.i. Joe Night Force

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G.i. Joe Night Force

Finally! My modern-era NF line is complete! Whew! Blasted Crazy Legs left me hanging there for a while. .

I originally had only the bagged figures, luckily, backtracking the boxes and inserts wasn’t too hard to do on Ebay. . My figures have a home now.

Night Force! (Lt. Falcon came from the FSS 2.0 line with Cesspool)

There are other worthy mentionables that can be included in the NF lineup too.

Tunnel Rat – from the ROC 2pack with Monkey Wrench
Outback- from the Attack on Cobra Island 7pack
Beach Head- from the ROC Snarler bike set with Roll Bar
Shockwave – from the ROC 2pack with blue Night Creeper Ninja

The Full (?) Night Force team

So far, the only figures missing from the original are Lightfoot and Sneak Peak.



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