G.i. Joe Rise of Cobra 5-pack – Toys R Us Exclusive

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G.i. Joe Rise of Cobra 5-pack – Toys R Us Exclusive
-Law and Order

Bios – click to view larger images

Sooo… wait, Footloose, the slacker, mellow dude in ARAH is now a tough drill sergeant? Plus Repeater doesn’t look, um, African American in the bio pic. Why the change Hasbro..?


The head is a recolored Serpentor head.

I really wished they hadn’t changed Repeater into an African American, it just sets up a stereotype that all Joe heavy machine gunners are black now (Roadblock, Heavy Duty, now this)


The head is actually a Sgt. Airborne head with a moustache.


Meant to be the original Dialtone’s sister, she joins the Joes in search of her brother. The head is an obvious repaint of Agent Helix.

Law and Order

Law is a reused Dusty head. Order looks to be a straight up reissue of the vintage figure?

Strange but Law’s shield is filled with claw marks, maybe he and Order don’t get along so well now?

Zartan here is a straight up repaint of the single card figure.

Now here’s a neat trick for folks who want a more “vintage-looking” Repeater figure. A simple headswap with Zartan’s “disguise” head with Footloose and you’re good to go.

Overall, a somewhat half decent set, a little disappointing if you were excited when you first heard that they were releasing Law, Footloose and Dial tone only to find out they aren’t done in 25th Anniv style. Klaus, from American Dad, best expresses my feelings on this matter.

Click to hear what the fish/former German Olympic skier, has to say.


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