GiJoe Dollar Store Exclusive ~ Series 1

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GiJoe Dollar General Store Exclusive ~ Series 1

-Cobra Commander
-Storm Shadow
-Snake Eyes
-Cobra Trooper

I didn’t quite feel up to opening everyone so only Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow for now. The color schemes are from the old Ninja Force line. While Shipwreck is from the now defunct Devil’s Due take on the Joes (now considered non-canon, the DD Joe comics have been compiled into TPBs as “GiJoe: Disavowed” )

Funny how there are now no names on the bases. Pity.

This is based on Storm Shadow’s most iconic look from when he joined the Joes in the comics and DIC cartoons.

I’m glad they included a wrist joint for Stormy, so he can hold the bow better and do palm poses like this 🙂


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