Hasbro Fantastic Four Classics-Ronan the Accuser Series

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Hasbro Fantastic Four Classics-Ronan the Accuser Series
-Dr. Doom
-Human Torch
-Mister Fantastic
-Invisible Woman
-Silver Surfer
-Mole Man

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Reed Richards

Good call on making Reed appear in his “stretched” form, the paint apps are also nice.

Compared with the Toybiz Reed from the FF boxset.

Invisible Woman

Not a bad sculpt, I like it better than Toybiz’s version, the only real downers are the weird letters on Sue’s forearms. I guess they forgot to take them out prior to final production.

Johnny Storm

The paint is nice and clean and the clear flames are a nice touch, the only real problem is with the hair, it looks too much like Firelord.

Compared with Toybiz’s Johnny Storm.

Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing
Compared with the other Things

I personally don’t like this one. It just feels too small and that protruding chin is awful.

I still like the Toybiz Fantastic Four Wave one’s Thing.

Next to the Face off series Hulk.

Now with the Toybiz FF Thing

Marvel’s First Family of Heroes


Another figure Hasbro managed to do right. A little paint wash would’ve made it much better.

Namor, Atlantis’ Avenging Son.

Fans have been clamoring for this one for a long time. Not half bad. The Toybiz version is a bit more detailed though but the Hasbro version is nice, with a decent amount of paint wash.

The Silver Surfer

His board is now chromed, which is a cool, too bad Hasbro didn’t retain the magnet gimmick that the Toybiz verison had.

Compared with the Toybiz version, again, Hasbro pulls an nice one on this figure as it’s an improvement over the previous Toybiz version.

My personal favorite for the whole series is of course Doctor Doom, Hasbro did a very nice job with the cloak and cape and the see through eye holes in his mask are the icing on the cake.

Compared with Toybiz’s Doom.

Masks off

Finally, the build a figure Ronan the Accuser.

Again, Ronan here’s a nice figure, with a removable helmet to boot.

Ronan here is pretty tall, shown here along with the rest of Hasbro’s Fantastic Four wave.

Overall this series is very good, it’s better than what I’ve come to expect from Hasbro’s handling of the Marvel Legends franchise.


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