Hasbro Ironman Movie 6″ figures

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Hasbro Ironman Movie 6″ figures

Ironman Movie figures

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Ironman Marks I-III with “Prototype Repulsor Red”

Mark I

Mark II

Prototype Repulsor Red

Mark III (based on the current “Extremist” armor where Stark injected himself with the Extremist virus to increase his powers).

With the Modern Armor Ironman from Toybiz.

Tony Stark.

Personally I prefer this as the best Ironman movie figure in the wave, due to the snap on armor making the figure look more muscular and the solid wrist plates that extend up to the forearm, making Ironman look more impressive. The only downer is the lack of mid-torso articultion, wrist articulation and the oversized head.

Unfortunately, while it is easy to pop off the heads, Stark’s neck ball joint is smaller than the MarK III’s neck ball joint, so the Mark III’s head would just sort of sit on the Tony body.

Iron Monger.

With the Hulkbuster Armor.

With the Mark III.

Movie showdown (with a little help from the Maisto bike) .


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