HL Pro MetalTech 02 Grendizer Giru Giru

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HL Pro MetalTech 02 Grendizer Giru Giru

I opted for the limited Manga Color version (indicated at the back of the box)

Inner box

Serial number

Funny, even though this one is called the Manga color version, it’s actually closer to the Anime look compared to the standard version with blue highlights.

Might be a good idea to watch out for these spikes, even though they are plastic, they are still pointy, same goes for the claws.

Opening mouth

The diecast parts are located in the top and lower halves of the Saucer only. The main torso does not have any diecast and is hollow plastic.

(Diecast) Halves combine to form the Saucer mode

Tripod legs included (for trapping Koji’s TFO)

With the Metal Tech Grendizer

This set comes with the Space Thunder effects parts for Grendizer.


The Giru Giru weighs around 264 Grams, while the MetalTech Grendizer is around 209 Grams. SOC Grendizer is 327 Grams.

The Giru Giru works pretty well with the Soul of Chogokin Grendizer too.

Unfortunately, the Space Thunder parts cannot fit onto the SOC Grendizer’s head.

Overall, I like it, we rarely get any villains for Super Robots and honestly, next to the Gin Gin, this is one of the more popular Grendizer enemies due to the distinction of it being the first to fight Grendizer in the cartoon.

If you plan to get one, I strongly recommend getting the limited to 300 pieces “Manga” version, as it really looks like how it does in the cartoon as compared to the standard version. I just wish the price were lower. It’s a little bit on the pricey side for either version.


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