HL Pro Metaltech 04 Gin Gin

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HL Pro Metaltech 04 Gin Gin

The ends of the saucer have very strong magnets. It’s pretty cool how they can hold the saucer halves in place.

Display stand

It can hold the saucer in vertical mode

… or by swapping out the tips, hold the saucer horizontally.

Gin Gin

Gin Gin in robot mode is taller than Metaltech Grendizer.

Gin Gin in action!

Gin Gin comes with a “secret” item, it’s not listed on the accessories list. It’s Koji Kabuto’s TFO saucer.

“Where is Grendizer?”

In the series, Gin Gin had indestructible shields and nearly defeated Grendizer, were it not for the timely betrayal from his own men.

Gin Gin weighs 258 grams.

Diecast parts include most of the torso (except the mid section), and lower legs. The TFO is also diecast. The biggest problem with this figure is that the blades on the saucers do tend to pop out too easily.

Saucer comparison

How Koji Kabuto can choose to save Grendizer with such a small ship from an alien invasion, as opposed to using Mazinger Z to help is just sometimes (often?) mind boggling. 🙂


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