Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters Playset

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Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters

I was fortunate to come across this, it totally slipped my mind to grab it when it went on sale, this used to be sold for 3000+, the markdown sale was around 1000 PhP

I only picked this up since it actually fits in for Destro’s IG motif, so I didn’t slap on the Ironman stickers on the vehicle.

Why Ironman would be driving a vehicle is beyond me…

Spring-loaded missile launcher (can be removed and reattached elsewhere in base mode).

Base mode

This button controls the electronics.

….As well as the panel buttons inside, each button has a different set of sounds and phrases.

Mission console

Optional armor parts

Radar dish

Overall not bad, but nothing wow either. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this one.


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