Ironman Hall of Armors

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The many, many armors of Ironman.

Hard to believe Toybiz and Hasbro gave us so many Ironman figures, I’ve been wanting to break all of these out for the longest time. I guess now is a good a time as any. 😀

I wanted to create an “Ironman Museum” setup for this shot but it’s not up to snuff (lack of a background and maybe a few in-scale sports cars I guess). I guess I’ll try again another time.

According to the Marvel Universe Avengers Handbook published a while back on the Avengers. Here’re the numerical code designation for the many armors of Ironman.

Model 1 – 1st Appearance/Original Armor
Model 2 – Gold 1st Appearance/Golden Avenger Armor
Model 3 – Steve Ditko styled Armor
Model 5 – Classic Armor
Model 6 – Hydro Armor
Model 8 – Silver Centurion Armor
Model 11 – War Machine Armor
Model 13 – Modular Armor (Infinity Gauntlet)
Model 14 – Hulkbuster Armor
Model 23 – Thorbuster Armor
Model 25 – Modern Armor

I’m not sure what “official” model number the Extremist and Stealth Armor come in.

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