Iron man Movie Concept Series Part 1

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Ironman movie Concept series.

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Stealth Armor

Huge QC problem with this one, I didn’t notice the helmet was deformed. Sigh.

Pop up wings (sorta…)

Satellite Armor

I picked this up in Hong Kong, not knowing it’s the Silver variant. The regular figure is white and black.

Satellite pack.

Comes with the same blaster as Titanium Man.

Torpedo Armor

Strange but the missiles can’t seem to fit in the same way it does on the back of the card. Another QC defect?

Essentially a retool of the War Machine Ironman. This time for underwater application.

With the original Movie Shell head.

Ironman Concept Armor series.

Gold Mark 1
Battle Monger
Atmospheric Diving Armor

Gold Mark 1

With Movie Mark 1

Hasbro did a spectacular job repainting this one into gold.

Battle Monger

According to the Card Bio, this was what would become of the Iron Monger if it had been treated with the same coating to counter the “icing problem” encountered in higher atmospheric conditions.

With the Movie Iron Monger.

The Atmospheric Diving Armor.


This figure features a brand new sculpt. Unfortunately I’m not sure if it’s the rubber material or what but the figure smells really bad. Kinda like burnt rubber.



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