Justice League Unlimited Single carded figures

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Justice League Unlimited Single carded figures
–Batman (with Wonder Pig)
–Sinestro (Sinestro Corps. redeco)
–Superman (Black suit)
–Batman (classic colors)
–Superman with Phantom Zone Projector
–Booster Gold
–Dr.Fate (toon accurate)
–Martian Manhunter (toon accurate)
–Superman (with Kandor)
–Atom (Ryan Choi)
–Brainiac (modern)
–Big Barda
–Aquaman (Superman the Animated Series)
–Green Arrow (toon accurate)
–Star Sapphire
–Batman (toon accurate)
–Batman (Grant Morrison JLA)
–Batman (classic blue)
–Batman Beyond
–Mr. Terrific
–Superman with Starro
–Barry Allen Flash
–Power Ring
–Superman Red & Blue
–Red Tornado (toon Accurate)
–Captain Atom
–Martian Manhunter (modern version)
–Customized JLU Hal Jordan (Holiday Hal reproduction)

Batman with WonderPig

Sinestro Corps. version Sinestro (doesn’t appear in the show).

“Superman Prime” colors Superman (doesn’t appear in the show)

Classic Colors (“Super Powers”) Batman (doesn’t appear in the show).

Phantom Zone Projector Superman

They gave Supes new hands to hold the projector (originally the left hand was a closed fist)

Unfortunately, Superman can only hold it up to a certain level, he can’t aim it straight forward.

Booster Gold (ver.2 toon accurate)

Dr. Fate (ver.2 toon accurate boots)




Plasticman, Martian Manhunter (toon accurate), Superman (with Kandor), Atom (Ryan Choi), Brainiac (modern)

Big Barda, Aquaman (Superman the Animated Series), Green Arrow (toon accurate), Star Sapphire, Firestorm, Green Lantern

Firestorm never appeared in the JLU series (he did appear in the JLU comics though)

Batman (toon accurate), Batman (Grant Morrison JLA), Batman (classic blue)

Batman Beyond, Mr. Terrific, Superman with Starro, Barry Allen Flash, Power Ring

Even though the Barry Allen never appeared in the JLU series, this figure is based on his costume (the lightning design on his waist is the design based on the Barry’s Flash uniform).

Superman Red & Blue, Toon Accurate Red Tornado, OMAC, Captain Atom ( the set is missing Crime Syndicate Ultraman)


It’s too bad Mattel decided to use the Superman mold, the belt is quite obvious, I think using a “beltless” body for a base would have been better.

JLU Martian Manhunter

Whew… one day, I’m going to go berserk and open every last one of these guys and display them all up. This line is so amazingly expansive in terms of character rosters!


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