Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-man – Hobgoblin Wave

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-man – Hobgoblin Wave

Amazing Spider-Man (Comics version)
Spider Man 2099
Spider-Girl (May “Mayday” Parker)
Spider-Woman (Ultimate Universe Jessica Drew)

Amazing Spider-Man (Comics version)

Lol… peg hole… for backpacks? Or symbiote accessory plug-ins?

When I first saw the ASM2 Spidey, I thought that was the best Spidey figure ever! Then this figure came along and pretty much blew that one out of the water. This figure really captures Spidey’s look from the comics. Nicely done, Hasbro, nicely done. .

A huge let down for this figure though are the thighs, without the hip joint cut, you can’t really do super posey splits with this figure.

Still, this is a very impressive Spidey figure.

Extra hands and accessories

Gotta love that pizza accessory. .


From the “New Ways to Die” Spider-man story arc, Eddie Brock gains a new symbiote when the original Venom suit tried to merge with him. He becomes the Anti-Venom, whose powers can overcome the Venom Symbiote and even weaken Spider-man by just being in close proximity to the wall-crawler.

Symbiote accessory

Sadly this figure is a bit too chunky, Anti-Venom is supposed to look lanky and thin, not the big body-builder fella that Venom was.

After the events of Spider Island the Anti-Venom suit was used to cure the victims, Brock is currently bonded to the Toxin symbiote.

Spider Man 2099

I always hated that silly web cape, what is it even for??!

Sharing the same buck as Spidey, this figure also suffers from the same issues with not being able to do splits thanks to the awkward leg joint.

Honestly, I was not really a big fan of 2099 Spidey back in high school (wow… such a long time ago), but that all changed when I played the Shattered Dimension game. I loved the 2099 sections of that game and he was voiced by the 1980’s Animated Spidey too (by Dan Gilvezan, aka the voice of TF G1 Bumblebee)

Spider-Girl (May “Mayday” Parker)

With her dad

I’ve always liked the idea of a future where Spidey had a semi-happy ending, with a wife and child to carry on the legacy. Sadly, that happy future pretty much ended in a blaze of glory when Peter was killed by the dimension-jumping villain, Morlun, while trying to save his family (thanks a lot, Spider-verse!!)

An “unmasked” head would’ve been nice…

Spider-Woman (Ultimate Universe Jessica Drew)

In the Ultimates universe, Spider-Woman is a female clone of Peter Parker. Interesting take. But unfortunately, her costume no longer looks like this, she’s now sporting a much cooler “Black Widow” look with goggles and a jacket (see Spider-verse).

Reuse of the Anya Corazon Spider-girl mold.


At first I wasn’t too keen on getting another DD figure, especially since the old Hasbro one already looked great. But this one looks more proportional now that I have the figure in person.

Past DDs

His club is a bit awkward, and the material feels a bit too bendy?



Sword hilt is removable

This version of Hobgoblin started out as a hero, but more recently he’s gone a little nuts and is now a full-on villain (his true identity as the nephew of a Daily Bugle journalist was exposed by Superior Spider-man a while back)

Pumpkin bombs!

Flaming sword

The full wave


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