Marvel Legends Loki and Corvus Glaive

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Marvel Legends Loki and Corvus Glaive


Essentially a reuse of the Thor Ragnarok Loki, but with a darker outfit, this figure is based on Loki’s appearance in the Infinity War opening.

This time around, Loki doesn’t come with any real accessories. Not even the knives that came with the Ragnarok figure. Heck, not even the dagger he tried to stab Thanos with?

Also, due to the design of his skirt, leg articulation on this guy is very limited.

His only accessory is the tesseract (cosmic cube).

Corvus Glaive

As part of Thanos’ Black Order, Corvus is a master of combat, possessing super strength, speed and endurance. He is also the husband of fellow Black Order member, Proxima Midnight.

Good details on his cape.

He is able to summon his weapon back to his hand when it is thrown.

Unfortunately, the figure’s left arm articulation is greatly hindered due to the design of his cape.

The secret to Corvus’ immortality lies with his glaive, for as long as the glaive remains intact, the can regenerate and come back to life.

Like most of the Black Order, Corvus is tall for a Marvel Legends figure.

Probably one of the more stranger pairings of the toy line. I wish they just released Corvus solo instead of reusing the Loki figure as a bundled pack.


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