Mattel Movie Masters Dark Knight Rises CNC Batsignal

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After hunting down the 2 waves of figures, the CNC Batsignal is complete!

Requires 3 AAA batteries and you will need to activate 2 switches to make it work.

Switch 1

Switch 2

The light is very, very, very powerful!! You can shine it across the room and the signal beam stays solid! A far, far cry from the old DC Direct Batsignal Replica, that thing couldn’t even fire a focused beam past 2 feet.

With this I tried projecting the signal across the street to my neighbor’s house, about 15 feet away, imagine my surprise that the beam works even that far! It’s faint, of course, but you can make out the circular outline of the beam (but not the bat symbol). That’s something most flashlights can’t even do. Most impressive!

A word of advice though, almost all the parts can be disassembled again, except for the switch post (plugs almost permanently into the rooftop base) and the connection of the pincer clamp to the secondary base. So be mindful of that if plan to disassemble the Batsignal for storage later on.


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