Medicom Bearbrick Series 38 Voltes V

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Medicom Bearbrick Series 38 Voltes V

I’m really surprised Bearbrick released a Voltes figure in their line. This figure fills the “SF” or “Sci-Fi/ Science Fiction” category slot of the wave. In a wave, the assortment slots are broken down into “Basic”, “Flag”, “Cute”, “SF”. “Horror”, “Hero”, “Animal”, or “Artist”.

Voltes stands roughly 2.75 inches tall, much, much taller than the average Lego Minifigure.

Articulation is basic, but it does come with a waist swivel.

Too bad it doesn’t come with any accessories.

I’ll have to try to backtrack Bearbrick Combattler V, he was released back in Series 36. Other worthy mentions for Super Robot collectors to hunt down in the Bearbrick line are EVA-01 (Series 15), EVA-00 (Series 15), EVA-02 (Series 25), plus the various WonFest exclusive Bearbrick EVA figures and Gurren Lagann (Series 17)


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