My Gaogaigar collection

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I am a huge Gaogaigar fan. I was fortunate enough to backtrack the 1997 Takara figures at a decent price back in 2002.

The CM’s Corp. limited Genesic Gaogaigar DX.

The GGG Collection

Takara Gaogaigar, Cms Genesic, Yujin Gaofighgar

Genesic Gaogaigars

With CMS TV Gaogaigar

With Yujin DX Gaofighgar

With Takara GGG

With Takara King J-der

With the whole GGG(Takara) Team

All that Gaogaigar


Takara GGG toys


Takara team and CMs GGG

Extra items: GGG repair bay and Guy’s weapon

Last but not least Shishio Guy and Mikoto Utsugi


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