Nendroid 1101- Kaori Makimura

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Nendroid 1101- Kaori Makimura

Display base – Since Nendroids cannot stand without any support due to their small feet, using the included display base is a must! There are two different arms that can be used to prop up the figure. The smaller arm is actually used to support the giant hammer Kaori uses.

Arm 1

Arm 2

Kaori is the adopted sister of Ryo’s late partner, Hideyuki Makimura. She’s a bit of a tomboy and handles the business part and pre-investigation background checking of clients of the City Hunter operation. She also usually functions as a protector for Ryo’s female clients from Ryo’s Mokkori advances!

The set comes with the background gag effect whenever the characters on the show have an exasperated look on their face (usually from Ryo’s pervy antics).

Angry Kaori!!!

The secondary support arm is best used here to help hold the hammer to prevent warping Kaori’s hands or arms if you plan to display her holding it over a long period of time.

A spare base is included as well if you want more versatility in posing the figure holding the hammer.

Run, Ryo! Run!!!!

Lastly, Kaori comes with her little handgun. Unlike Ryo, she is a terrible shot who has trouble hitting even the broad side of a barn.

City Hunter

Man, I really wish Figma makes non-chibi versions of Ryo and Kaori one day, it’s past time somebody did.


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