S.H. Figuarts Spider-man Homecoming

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S.H. Figuarts Spider-man Homecoming

Wow… I can’t believe this figure was released way back in 2017, I decided to pick up this figure three years later since I needed the Brick Wall accessory and this was the only available option locally.

From what I understand, Peter is around 15 years old during the events of Homecoming (he’s still in junior high school). So this is the youngest version of a movie Peter Parker around.

He comes with his school backpack. To equip it, you have to remove the peg on Spidey’s back and also remove the peg for the bag strap.

Not too shabby.

The set comes with removable eyes for Spidey, to recreate the various changes in his lenses, just like in the movie.

A pick is included with the set for pushing out the lenses from the inside.


Half closed


Since Spidey is a teenager, they included a cellphone accessory for him too. Kids these days…

Lastly, Spidey comes with effects that simulate his webs firing from his web shooters.

To equip the webs, you have to remove the hands and attach them at the cuff of the wrist pegs.


The set comes with Tamashii Act Brick Wall (Brown).

Each unit of the wall has a removable section so you can plug in the stage arm.

Also included is a Spider Signal prop and a peg for attaching it to the wall.

I think the signal intentionally has blue dots on it simulating “computerized effect”? Just like how it appeared in the movie? At first I thought it was a quality control issue.

I really love the wall, it adds a lot of character to the display, the only downside is, it needs to be a bit bigger, or at least have 2 pieces more included.

The back of the wall is supposed to look like this with the bracket attached.

You can also plug in the various odds and ends so you don’t have to keep opening up the tray to grab props when you change displays.

The wall can also be reconfigured to have a corner.

You can also add the rooftop corner to the top.

Alternate pieces for the “corner” look.

Like I mentioned, the wall is really great, but when you do the corner configuration on it, there becomes a missing piece on the wall. I really wish they added a spare piece for this. I guess I’ll have to pickup a spare set later on if I can to fill up that blank space.

Overall, this is a good set. It’s a shame I never got into collecting S.H.F. MCU figures since Marvel Legends is more economical and more complete character-wise. But this is a great release from Bandai with lots of crazy articulation for Spidey, the only thing missing here would be an unmasked Peter Parker/ Tom Holland head and some more “spun” web effects, but otherwise, you can’t go wrong with this set.


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