SDCC 2007 Marvel Legends She-Hulk

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SDCC 2007 Marvel Legends She-Hulk

Box 1

Box 2


Essentially a repaint of the Marvel Legends 2 She-Hulk with a new head and sporting her Fantastic Four threads. Comes with everything needed to change her into Jennifer Walters, her Lawyer alter Ego.

Jennifer Walters

Ummm yeah, the glasses make her look worse.

Without the glasses she looks much better, albeit she still looks sad..

The lawyer suit won’t fit on regular She-Hulk, mainly due to the hair getting in the way. The pony-tail hairdo is more appropriate.


Fun Fact 1: The art on the inner box was done by Mark Mayhew (at first I thought it was Alex Ross)

Fun Fact 2: She-Hulk was married for a time to J.Jonah Jameson’s son, John. The marriage lasted only shortly and was later annuled.

Fun Fact 3: She-Hulk has slept with Juggernaut (!!!!) and has had “flings” with Tony Stark. I can’t imagine getting Juggernaut’s sloppy seconds.. lol…


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