SDCC 2007 Marvel Legends Stan Lee

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SDCC 2007 Marvel Legends Stan Lee


Inner Box


Hasbro used a felt covered tray for the accessories. Sometimes the felt comes off and lands on Peter Parker’s face, no need to worry though since it can be wiped off.

Stan Lee’s bio, from the back of the inner box.

… and a short story of how Stan first met Spiderman.. and subsequently stole his web-shooters…

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…sooo… who’s the real menace now eh?

Stan Lee

A Pretty good likeness, the glasses are permanently glued on though.

Stan comes with the following accessories.

Choose your hero.

The heads are mounted onto this joint

The Amazing Stan Lee

Peter Parker, Spiderman (I really love that Spiderman mask accessory. )

As most would’ve guessed, the figure is a retool of the Marvel Legends First Appearance Spiderman figure from Toybiz.

Overall, this is a great figure, better in terms of value over She-Hulk anyway. My biggest complaint would have to be the way they packaged the figure. Since the cloth suit gets in the way, the assembly line people didn’t check to see if the joint was fixed in the right position before tying the twist tie. The end result is a bent elbow or knee joint. Very irritatiing. Oh Well.. these things happen I guess.


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