SDCC 2008 Hasbro Marvel Legends Savage Land boxset

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SDCC 2008 Hasbro Marvel Legends Savage Land boxset

Hands down, Shanna is the best looking female Marvel Legends figure yet from Hasbro.

Comes with a bolo and rifle.

Essentially she’s a repaint of the Savage She-Hulk from the Fin Fang Foom series.

Sadly mine came with a defect. The plastic didn’t mix properly so there are some whitish spots on her thigh.

I actually thought of customizing her head into the White Queen Emma Frost but the body and the connecting pegs won’t fit. Sheesh, looking at the Emma Frost figure now, I’m glad Hasbro improved the sculpts for their female figures.

Ka-Zar, another nicely done figure.

Finally, here’s Zabu. A repainted version of the tiger from the GiJoe Sigma 6 line. It’s very articulated.

With Wolvie and Cyclops.


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