SOTA StreetFighter

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SOTA StreetFighter
-Dark Sakura(A.K.A. “Evil Sakura”)
-Master Gouken
-Evil Ryu
-Shin Akuma

Limited to 500pieces in production. It was offered on SOTA’s online shop last Jan, 2006.

This version is based on the character from Marvel Superheroes VS Street Fighter game. (Highlight Hulk, hold Select and press any button) and in Marvel Vs Capcom 2(select Sakura, while playing do a reverse “Dragon Punch”/back, down, down back+Low kick while having 3 Super bars to activate transformation). In the game she has a new “Shinkuu Hadoken, and more powerful versions of her supers along the “Raging Demon” attack and the ability to teleport like Evil Ryu and Akuma.

Her Background: Follwing Ryu after he became evil after fighting Akuma, she also later became filled with “murderous intent” the same as Evil Ryu. Dark Sakura didn’t show up in the Street Fighter Alpha universe though.

The main difference is the color of the skirt(darker) and darker skin tone on her face and elbows(and a bit on the legs but not as noticeable) no additional accessories apart from what came with regular Sakura.

Master Gouken, Ryu and Ken’s Master and Akuma’s Brother. Comes only with his Shoryuken accessory, no extra hands no extra head included in the package. There are also no “symbols” or Chinese Characters on his back(unlike Evil Ryu and Gouken)

Gouken- Ryu and Ken’s Master

Akuma and his brother Gouken

SOTA also later released the “ghost” Gouken.

Funfact: Akuma was the one who finally killed M.Bison.

Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu was Ryu overwhelmed with the Satsui No Hadou (Surge of Murderous Intent) power that manifests when the desire to win is so strong that they are willing to kill. He later on rejected the Satsui No Hadou and returned to normal.

Evil Ryu versus Akuma

Evil Ryu versus Shin Akuma

Evil Ryu versus Shin Akuma (black Gi variant)

Last but not least Purple Shin Akuma(the “anime accurate” Shin Akuma from Street Fighter Alpha 2, 3 and SNK Vs Capcom games)

Different Chinese Characters on their backs

Because Purple is the real “evil” color


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