Spiderman Classics Series

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Spiderman Classics

Series 8
-Web Attack Spiderman (Ben Reilly)
-Street Fighting Spiderman

Series 9
-Secret Identity Spiderman
-Black Costume Spiderman
-Ultimate Rhino

Series 10
-Tail Attack Lizard

Series 11
-Tail Strike Scorpion

Series 12
-Superposeable Spiderman (J.Scott Campbell)
-Dual Web Swinging Spiderman (Alex Ross?)

Series 13

Series 15
-Web Splasher Doc Ock (Ultimates Universe)

Series 16
-Super Strength Spiderman

I got this figure mostly he reminds me of David Finch’s art on New Avengers

Series 17

Series 18
-Spider Sense Spiderman (House of M)
-Flame n’ Launch Mad Jack (Jack O’ Lantern III)

Series 19
-Quick Change Spiderman

The “Quick Change” Spiderman. It’s supposed to simulate Peter Parker’s transformation thanks to a spider bite. Hence the plastic spider prop.

Basically just turn the dial, the spider drops down, the dial also squeezes Peter’s legs to flip out his Spiderman head

Spiderman Villains group shot (needs updating)


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