The Real Ghostbusters Kenner 1986 Ecto-1

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The Real Ghostbusters Kenner 1986 Ecto-1

The Ecto-1 was pretty prominent on the show. I’m not entirely sure how white the actual toy is supposed to be but I can see there’s a hint of yellowing happening to the toy. Can’t be helped I suppose. Another option would be going after the Trendmasters version which is usually whiter in tone but it’s based off the Extreme Ghostbusters version and is smaller compared to the Kenner version.

The vehicle features a “swiveling blaster seat” on the roof, I think Kenner got this idea from the 3:50 minute pilot footage used to pitch the show to the network. The pilot showed Ray sitting on the roof of the Ecto-1.

Ecto-1’s dimensions span 13.75 x 5.5 x 8 inches (including the roof blaster seat).

The vehicle can sit all 4 figures inside at once.

Personally I like the Ecto-1 without the roof seat. It’s a good thing the seat can be removed easily and isn’t permanently fixed with a “one-time only” connection.

Last but not least the ghost capture gimmick. It’s a bit annoying since it is connected to the rear axel of the vehicle and once you’ve completely wound up the cable, the rear axel no longer turns (unless I’m totally wrong and there is a way to keep the axel free rolling).

I think I would’ve liked it better if the capture feature operated on a seperate winch instead being connected to the axel.

Here’s to one of the most iconic vehicles from the 80’s.


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