Transformers Animated Megatron.

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Transformers Animated Megatron.

Megatron looks really cool this time around (unlike the movie and TF Cybertron versions of the character).

Megatron’s Fusion cannon can be mounted on either his left or right forearm.


Megatron’s vehicle mode blades become his swords.

Vehicle mode (attack helicopter)

A neat gimmick here is that the blade rotate in sychronicity. Spin either blade and the other blade spins as well.

In the series, Megatron is much taller than Optimus Prime, which makes this scale perfect.

Optimus Prime Versus Megatron.

Funfact: Megatron never calls Optimus Prime by name in the new TF Animated series. He just calls him “Autobot”, the way he does with everyone else.

I guess the only good thing about the TFA series that I liked so far would have to be Megatron. He’s cool and calculating in the show. The redesigned look reminds me a lot of the G1 Megatron in robot mode.


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