Transformers E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 6-A Crash Hog (Masterpiece Wreck-Gar)

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Transformers E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 6-A Crash Hog (Masterpiece Wreck-Gar)

While Wreck-Gar is essentially one of the good guys, we never really see him sport an Autobot symbol when in robot mode for some reason. Even the G1 toy’s Autobot symbol was only seen when he’s in bike mode. I just decided to totally skip applying the Autobot symbol sticker on this guy.

Wreck-Gar is the leader of the strange robotic race of junk-collecting Transformers, the Junkions. Their speech patterns are based on mixed-mashed Earthling pop culture and TV commercials (how they get reception that far out in deep space is a question for another day). As a warrior race, the Junkions have the unique ability to rapidly heal using any and all junk they can find nearby to repair damage instantaneously, even when the damage is extremely severe. As leader of the Junkions, Wreck-gar is unexpectedly wise even though appearing scatterbrained on the surface and a brave ally to have in combat.

Tire shields.

Various guns (Decelerator Lasers?)

According to Wreck-gar’s G1 bio, his Decelerator Lasers have the ability to slow the target’s cerebral activity to a grinding halt.

Decelerator Lasers can also be pegged onto his shoulders.

Armor Axe

Crash Hog also comes with his “gong” which he bangs on when he parties on with his new Autobot pals in the movie.

Lastly he comes with a miniature TV console, where the Junkions learn to “communicate”.

Crash Hog stands roughly 8.5 inches and weighs 326 Grams.

Diecast parts include:

My Crash Hog arrived with the arms all set up wrong…

This is what the arms are supposed to properly look like, it just requires spinning the arms and wrists to the proper placement.

Crash Hog features a lot of play value, you can swap his parts around and even swap his arms with fellow Trashion Dumpyard to build a completely different bot.

Optional spike attachments for customizing.

The manual comes printed with a mini comic included. I have to admit this was a pleasant surprise.

Handlebars and side mirrors are optional, it seems.

Deployable kickstands

Saddlebags can be opened up.

Same as the robot mode, you can equip the various weapons and armor and spikes all over the vehicle mode to customize his look.

Overall, not bad but not incredibly impressive. The transformation isn’t too overly complex compared to Fans Toys’ difficult designs and even compared to the KFC Transistor/Blaster. The figure does have a lot of play value, thanks to the customizable parts and options. However, I do feel that there are some spots where KFC could’ve done things better, like adding paint to the chest instead of just molded plastic, or adding an alternate face for Crash Hog. I will probably pass on getting the KFC Dumpyard as I never really liked the Junkions as a concept.


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