Transformers Encore E-Hobby Exclusive GADEP

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Transformers Encore E-Hobby Exclusive GADEP

Well, this has been on my backtrack list for ages. I finally decided to grab it.

The character is more commonly known as a Guardian robot in G1 lore, but are sometimes referred to as Omega Sentinels or Omega Destructors. In the Japanese Transformers, the renamed the figures are GADEP (Groundling Auto-DEstruct Powerbroker).

The toy is straight up repaint of the Encore Omega Supreme. It stands roughly 10.5 Inches (11.5 counting the wings)

The head is based off the newer headsculpt for the Encore Omega, as opposed to the vintage “faceless” head.

Battery compartment

Hmm… clear plastic parts here, hope they don’t become brittle too easily over time.

It walks!

Spring release buttons for the forearms.

Tank mode

Base mode

Comparison with the real Omega Supreme (I opted not to put any additional stickers on the Guardian, since it looks better as is )

The Decepticons’ worst nightmare.


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