Transformers Fall of Cybertron Grimlock

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Grimlock

In the Fall of Cybertron game, Grimlock is the leader of the Lightning Strike Coalition. His team is captured by Shockwave and his Insecticons, the entire team is experimented on by Shockwave who is trying to best combine Transformers with the strongest creatures of an unidentified, Energon-rich target planet (Earth). Thus, the Dinobots are formed.

Grimlock is really, really big, even next to his fellow Dinobots. I think this scale is exactly as it appears in the games opening cinematic.

In the game, Grimlock does not have the ability to arm himself with guns, instead he throws explosive barrels at flying opponents. He pretty much smashed everything via melee with his sword and shield.

Light-up electronics.

Grimlock’s dino mode is activated once you build up his rage meter. You’re pretty much invincible while in dino mode.

Sadly, the toy leaves much to be desired in this mode. Holy empty cavities!

Light-up features also available in dino mode.

While the other Dinobots do appear in the game, they are not selectable for the player in story mode. Sludge is not present though, as he severly damaged and became locked in stasis mode when the Insecticons first took down the Lightning Strike Coalition.

Also, Grimlock is the only one who has lost most of his intelligence due to Shockwave’s experiments. Boosting Grimlock’s strength by lessening his higher cerebral functions and transferring it to battle strength.

Even though in robot mode, this toy looks big and impressive, it’s very light and hollow. Sigh… sign of the times, I guess.


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