Transformers Fans Toys FT-19 Apache (Masterpiece Springer)

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Transformers Fans Toys FT-19 Apache (Masterpiece Springer)

Fanstoys items usually come with an outer plastic baggie to protect the box.

Since this is a Third Party, non-official item, it’s best to get some stickers from Reprolabels/ to make this guy more “toon-accurate”.

To apply, I find the best way to stick the stickers on is to use the tip of a blade, this way you have more control over the application, as compared to using just your fingers. You can also use the blade to help gently peel off a corner of the sticker in case you didn’t center it right and need to re-apply.

Springer in the cartoons and movie was often featured as highly capable, heroic Autobot. Someone you can always count on, taking on missions and getting them done, saving the day, no questions asked. Rodimus Prime often left Springer in charge when he and Magnus were not available. Springer was also nominated to become the next leader of the Autobots and bearer of the Matrix of Leadership by Rodimus Prime.

In the comics, Springer was second in command of the Autobot sub-group, the Wreckers and later on ascended to become the team’s leader.

Laser Gun

In the movie and cartoons (and toys), Springer uses his chopper blades as a sword. For better accuracy in both modes, Fans Toys gives us his sword in both silver and helicopter mode.

“Light Saber”

Dual Wield!

Futuristic armored car mode

Opening canopy

Front wheels are rubber (rear wheels are plastic).

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Helicopter mode

Cannon is equipped differently on helicopter mode.

The rear propeller actually spins. Nice.

Apache stands roughly 9.5 inches tall and weighs 701 Grams.

Diecast parts include:
–Chest panel
–Internal sections of the lower legs

Unlike other Fans Toys releases, Apache doesn’t have any alternate faceplates to swap.

Overall, Apache is an amazing figure. The sculpt, paint and heft are all impressive. I like it a lot! The only real hiccups would probably the difficulty in transformation. Some of the elements of the transformation could’ve been simplified but instead become a pain to pull off (legs in particular). The good news is that there aren’t any real fragility issues with the transformation (that I could tell).

Alternatives for a third party Springer would be Unique Toy’s Allen, Open Play’s Big Spring, Toyworld’s Spanner and Ocular Max’s Saltus. I personally went with the Fans Toys version since Fans Toys is the only company so far who’s been able to complete all the main characters from the 1986 movie.

Ocular Max’s lineup is slowly catching up with their own version of Arcee (Azalea) already out and has teased an upcoming Kup as well, but since FT already got theirs out and I’m already familiar with the feedback from those figures, so I went the FT route. The big problem with going FT is that the FT figures outsize the official Takara Tomy MP Hot Rod, but that can be fixed by getting the FT Hoodlum figure to round out the set.


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