Transformers Masterpiece Decepticons Groupshot

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Transformers Masterpiece Decepticons Groupshot

With the release of MP-36 Megatron (and Dirge), it’s finally time to do a proper Masterpiece Decepticon group shot.

The Box Wall

Seekers only (from the Masterpiece Dirge gallery page)

The Coneheads – complete!

Unique weapons and their “holo-pilots”

The Seekers

I wonder if we will ever see another repaint of this mold to complete the “Rain makers” team.

The Decepticon airfield is looking really …. colorful… right now.

I didn’t bother breaking out Loud Pedal and Exhaust since they would just look too weird being there (I’m saving those guys for a Diaclone group shot with the other non-toon appearing “special edition” MPs down the road).

I didn’t do a group shot with their transformed modes too, since having a gun and a tape deck bigger than fighter jets would just ruin the whole shot IMHO.

Man, I’m really tempted at this point to pickup the Fanstoys Reflector and the Insecticons just to wrap this up.


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