Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound

Hound comes with a hologram driver, the figure sports zero articulation though.

Clever design work here, the arms are positioned under the hood to resemble the Jeep’s actual engine.

Takara Tomy even managed to sneak in the dashboard radio we often see Hound “speak” through into the sculpt work.

Thanks to some smart engineering work, the tires, gas can and even the machine gun can all be folded into the figure without having to remove them in robot mode.

The machine gun can be folded down for when you plan to attach the roof cover.

Soft Top Parts/ Roof cover

This only appeared in one episode, “Atlantis, Arise”, for when Hound went underwater with the other Autobots. The cover isn’t that solid if you look at it from certain angles. (you can see the gap between the roof and the windshield in the first pic), but I guess it’s a nice addition to the figure.


Spike this time around comes in extra large size, so he can scale properly with MP Hound. Sadly, they still didn’t bother to paint him a face.

Comparison with MP-45 Spike. Talk about Mass shifting.

Spike has a huge visible screw on his back.

He comes with holes on his feet for some reason.

Fortunately, unlike previous Spike figures, this one can actually stand decently without any support.

Looking at this, I guess I really can’t blame Takara for deciding to do a bigger Spike figure, it just wouldn’t work otherwise.

Hound functions as one of the Autobot team’s scout. Though in the cartoons he’s often shown as a tracker, using his abilities to sniff out hiding Decepticons. One of the more friendlier Autobots, he gets along with almost anybody. He’s more often remembered for his ability to project holograms to confuse the enemy.

Hologram Gun

The Hologram Gun can also be taken apart and hidden in his legs.

Effects parts for the Hologram Gun

This actually confuses me, since in the cartoons, we often see Hound do holograms without having his gun in hand. Oh, well…

Soft Top Parts can be equipped as a shield, though this is never seen in the cartoons.

With the exception of the hologram driver and Spike, all the spare parts can be equipped onto the back of the shield.

Lastly, the shield can also be equipped onto Hound’s back as a backpack. It’s conceptual, as it never happened in the cartoons, but it sure adds play value to the toy.

Flip out face shield (scuba gear?) from More Than Meets the Eye Part 2.

Flip out hook for the key to Ravage’s cage from More Than Meets the Eye Part 3.

Shoulder Missile

We never really see Hound fire the missile in the cartoons. More often than not, it was shown to be used as a tracking gadget akin to radar, for detecting Decepticons.

Hound stands roughly 6.5 inches and weighs 130 Grams.

To pull out his hands, you’re supposed to pick and pull at this notch in his fist first.

I find it really funny that we can see the steering wheel poking out of his side.

Spare side mirror pieces are included, in case you break the default ones.

Optional facial expressions for Hound.

Sigh… terrible QC strikes again, eh, Hasbro/Takara Tomy?

Hound features an ab joint of sorts, this makes the figure very, very posey.

The toy features a unique shoulder swing joint system, to help Hound look good while holding his gun with two hands. The downside is that this looks good only from ONE angle, the rest of the angles make him look terrible.

The only angle that works.

Comparison with the Fans Toys FT-15 Willis.

For those curious, Willis beats hound in terms of weight thanks to all the diecast on it (MP Hound has zero diecast). Willis weighs 268 Grams.

Overall, the design is very nice. It certainly makes the Fans Toys Willis look inferior in terms of sculpt and paint, especially from the back. The little details like the faux ankle tires and how the transformation can work without removing the spare parts all make the toy very, very impressive.

The only real issue here are the panels in the lower leg and/or heel breaking off due to weak or thin plastic.

Truth be told, I broke off the panel that holds the gas can while transforming this figure, even while going slow while following video guides. Considering the high price point on this figure, it was very, very frustrating. Luckily, the panel that broke is hidden in robot mode so it’s not too obvious and can be returned in vehicle mode thanks to a tab, still, I advise extreme caution when transforming his legs.

Collectible metal pin


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