Transformers My Busy Books

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Transformers My Busy Books set

So I came across this interesting book while browsing a local book store, it was a Transformers book for kids. Simple enough. But what caught my eye were the little figurines that came with the book.

There are 6 figurines in total. Plus a mini map for you to fold out and display them on.

The exciting part about this is that they are roughly the same size as the mini figures that came with the SDCC Metroplex a few years back. Standing roughly 2.25″ tall.

The figures aren’t that super neat, they sport zero articulation and looks like they were hand-painted, so the quality isn’t that awesome. Still, they are painted, so that’s a 1-up on the SDCC figures.

Overall, not bad for 500 PhP ( Roughly $10 US).


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