Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Mirage

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Mirage

Winner of the Siege Fan Vote, Mirage was given a slot in the toyline. Mirage was originally a member of the upper class before the war broke out on Cybertron. Most Autobots don’t fully trust Mirage since he feels that the war is beneath him and he would rather prefer the life of luxury than going to battle. Still, he is always there when the Autobots need him and his special set of skills.

Mirage’s special ability is making himself invisible (by bending light around himself, presumably), if I recall correctly, he can only do it on himself and cannot extend the range to others nearby.

C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon and Distortion Missile

W-15 Armor-Piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher

Weapons can be equipped on the vehicle mode as well.

Yeah, still the cool guy who single-handedly took out the whole Decepticon army in the More Than Meets The Eye pilot in my book.

The figure is definitely a step up in terms of sculpt and form from the previous versions IMHO. I just wish they didn’t use clear plastic parts on him.


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