Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Powerdasher Cromar

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Powerdasher Cromar

Cromar is the third and final Powerdasher character to be released. As a retool of the Sixgun mold, he is also a Weaponizer that can transform into various weapon components as well.

W-5 Gyro Blasters (same as Siege Sideswipe’s weapons)

C-50 M2 Dual-Flank Boost Launcher

C-S2A M2 Guided Missile Launcher

C-M3 Anti-Gravity Cannons

C-LR M2 Ion-Pulse Blasters

Offensive Loadout – same as with Weaponizer Sixgun, Cromar also has the same multiple weaponset loadouts for his fellow Autobots to utilize.

Defensive Loadout

High-Precision Launcher Gauntlet

Comparison with Siege Sixgun.

With his fellow Powerdashers, Zetar (also a Generation Selects exclusive) and Aragon (from the Siege Fan Vote 3-pack).

Since the original G1 toyline never provided any bios on the Powerdashers, they were never really given personalities. The only facts that stand are that they are here to help the Autobots and that they are always constantly evolving since their creation, this might also apply to their personalities, thus their role as either drones or sentient Transformers is currently left ambiguous.


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