Transformers Siege Fan Vote Battle 3-pack

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Transformers Siege Fan Vote Battle 3-pack

Holo Mirage

I’m glad we’re finally getting a proper Mirage in a future wave in the Siege line, for now at least we have a teaser for this guy in his “holo” form. Mirage has the unique ability to turn himself invisible for short periods of time in the G1 sagas. I guess it’s cool that Hasbro decided to capitalize on this and release a clear version of this mold for the Siege series.

W-15 Armor-piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher

C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon

It’s a shame Hasbro decided to go with the original toy head instead of the G1 cartoon look for this guy.

Still, this figure is an improvement over the Henkei/Generations version (too skinny) and the Combiner Wars version (too similar to Dragstrip).

I’m not too crazy about this spot pattern in the clear plastic here. I wonder if it’s intentional by design or if there’s a reason for it? Would it make the clear plastic stronger and less brittle?

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.


Ahh.. Impactor, appearing only in the UK Transformers comics, he is a “comics-only” character that would lead the “comics-only” sub-group of elite Autobot badasses called the Wreckers. Often using any and all methods in dispatching Decepticons, Impactor is effective as he is ruthless. Brave and fearless, he even goes up against the powerful likes of Overlord without hesitation in the IDW Transformers comics.

His head sculpt in this set is based on his IDW appearance, the regular “Autobot” single pack release features a totally different head based on his classic Marvel Comics UK look. I will probably stick with this release since I like this design better, plus it has more paint applications. I will probably put on an Autobot sticker later on to replace the Decepticon Logo.. maybe…

HP Energon Mineblaster

Earthbreaker Cannon

Although not shown in the manual, his harpoon can be removed from his gun and attached to his right wrist, to get the right look for this character as he appeared in the comics.

Wreck and Rule!!

Powerdasher Aragon

A retool of Weaponizer and Fortress Maximus maintenance bot, Cog, this guy is also a Powerdasher, similar to Zetar and Cromar. Like those two, he was never given a proper G1 bio and it is implied that he, along with his fellow Powerdashers, are without personalities and are still evolving, categorizing them between the lines of drone and sentient Transformers.

RT-5 Circuit Welder rifles

This guy is the only reason to get this 3-pack IMHO, as a “solid” Mirage and a proper “Autobot” Impactor will be released soon in the next wave of Siege figures.

It is interesting to note, that since he shares a color scheme similar to Grand Maximus, one can set him up as a support unit for Grand Max, similar with how Cog is the support unit for Fortress Maximus.

RT-5 Circuit Welder rifles

C-40M2 Neutron Synthesis Shield

C-LRM2 Thermal Booster pack

C-HVM3 Electro-Scrambler rifles

C-M4 HF Spectrum Disruptors

Defensive mode loadout (not indicated in the manual, I had to refer to Cog’s manual).

Offensive mode loadout

Comparison with Siege Cog

The full boxset

I’m not exactly sure what’s with Impactor joining the Decepticon Ranks (never happened or referred to before in the comics as far as I know), maybe it’s a new origin story thing? Hopefully this will be shown in the upcoming Netflix Transformers Siege cartoon coming soon.


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