Transformers Siege Micromasters wave 4

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Transformers Siege Micromasters wave 4

Powertrain and Highjump (Off Road Patrol)


Powertrain is the leader of the Off Road Patrol, he is said to approach every problem with patience and careful analyzation.

Sadly, with the way he’s designed, he’s a bit difficult to pose, due to the long shoulders.


Highjump is never afraid to get his hands dirty, often ignoring protocols to get the job done.

I think there’s something wrong with the mold on this figure, for whatever I try, there’s just no way to get the tabs to close in together in vehicle mode, something always pops out. Very annoying, but at least it’s in the vehicle mode, something I will probably not display in anyway.

According to the bio of the G1 Off Road Patrol, they are infiltration and covert mission experts, carefully planning counter-measures against the Decepticon forces with the intel they gather behind enemy lines for the Autobots. The group also works very well together as a cohesive unit in combat situations, despite Highjump and Powertrain’s polar opposite approaches to solving situations.

Confounder Cannon mode


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